Bathroom Renovations Cost

Bathroom Renovation Cost

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How Much Does a Bathroom Renovations Cost?

Bathroom renovations can seem like costly projects.

However, the bathroom renovations cost can vary significantly. Ranging from just a few thousand dollars for a budget bathroom, to tens of thousands of dollars for a luxury bathroom renovation.

Multiple factors influence these costs. For example, materials, labour, and difficulty are the main causes for cost differences.

For example, if you have a standard bathroom that is already in the correct layout, you can save thousands of dollars on plumbing and labour when compared to a bathroom that needed replumbing to move a toilet.

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Bathroom Renovation Cost Depend On...


Labourers charge a flat hourly fee. Our team of workers will work as efficiently as possible to make the process move faster and lead to less overall costs. Depending on factors such as the level of danger or difficulty, the cost of labour will vary.


Some materials such as marble is expensive to purchase. But in addition to this, they could also be more expensive to install. Marble is heavier than standard bathroom materials and require additional labour and delicate care. This leads to more expensive installation costs in addition to the cost of purchasing materials.


A bathroom that is easier to renovate will require less labour hours and less specialised equipment. For example, moving a toilet from one side of the bathroom to another will require a professional plumber. This will lead to an extended time until project completion and a more expensive quote. On the other hand, simple bathroom renovations such as replacing tiles, vanities, and accessories, is easier and much cheaper as a result.

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Benefits of Renovating Your Bathroom

Increase the value of your home

Stay up to date with trends

Maintain a professional image

Boost your motivation

Impress your friends and family

Enhance the comfort of your home

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