Cheap Bathroom Renovation

Cheap Bathroom Renovation

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Affordable Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom old and in need of an upgrade?

Looking for a Cheap Bathroom Renovation?

Something that will be stylish, that won’t mean you need a 2nd Mortgage?

Whether you’re looking to build a new bathroom in a brand new construction, renovate your old bathroom at home, or have a larger commercial project done.

Bathrooms Are Us can deliver the highest quality renovation services at an affordable rate.

Our team of experts has decades of experience. This means we are able to complete your job more effectively, stick to your budget, and save your money.

An extensive network of leading suppliers

In addition, we have an extensive network of leading suppliers. This means we are able to get any bathroom products you want and at the best rates possible.

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What Style Are You After?


It’s not uncommon to find classic bathroom units that are second-hand, yet still in excellent condition.

This will allow you to decrease the overall cost of your bathroom renovation and allow you to spend money elsewhere.


A minimalist bathroom keeps everything to the essentials. This allows for a stunning and trendy design, while remaining inexpensive.

The minimalist movement has been growing rapidly in recent times and would also grow to be a fantastic renovation to your bathroom.


Like the minimalist design, a contemporary look introduces elegance at a low cost. In fact, most minimalist designs take inspiration from the contemporary.

The removal of complicated shapes and geometry for more straight, simple geometric shapes offers a sleekness and elegance at a low cost.

Need help choosing the right style for your bathroom renovations?

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Benefits of Cheap Bathroom Renovation

Affordable and easy on the wallet

Add value to your home

Boost your confidence

Make your house feel like home

Impress your guests

High return on investment

Why Choose Us For Your Cheap Bathroom Renovation

If you want an affordable bathroom renovation, without sacrificing quality, Bathrooms Are Us is the choice for you.

For over 30+ years we have helped local homeowners and business owners make the most of their budgets and achieve bathrooms they could be proud of. This is because of our extensive network of suppliers, which allows us to access high-quality products at the best possible price. In addition to this, our team is highly experienced and effective in their renovations. This means higher quality work, at a faster rate, and with less cost.

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