Disabled Accessible Bathroom

How to Renovate for a Disabled Accessible Bathroom

Beautifully Renovate for a Disabled Accessible Bathroom

A beautiful, functional bathroom should be accessible to everyone. If you have someone in your household that may need a little help getting around, there are a few things you can do to make their visits to the bathroom more comfortable. Bathrooms Are Us offers this overview on how to ensure your bathroom is suitable for those with limited mobility.

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What makes a bathroom disabled accessible?

There are distinct legislative rules that determine the requirements for Disabled Accessible Bathroom facility. Before you dive into the specific measurements for your Bathroom Renovations, there are some general rules of thumb to consider:

  • Barrier-free showers. You may need to convert your bathtub or use extra space for a shower that doesn’t require you to step over a tub or door rails. Often this would mean just a shower curtain.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces. This is especially the case with a barrier-free shower. With more of the bathroom liable to get wet, you’ll need to make sure that the tiles or surfacing you use are slip-resistant.
  • Higher toilets. Although mostly a consideration for the wheelchair-bound to make an easier transition on and off the toilet, many people may find a raised toilet more comfortable overall. 
  • Lower shelves. This doesn’t mean lowering shelves for people in wheelchairs. You also should consider if shelves require high reaches or stretches that may not be possible or comfortable.
  • Grab bars/handrails. With potentially slippery surfaces and awkward manoeuvring required, strategically placed grab bars or handrails, some of which can be conveniently folded up or down, can prevent accidents or injury.
  • Doors. Rather than a traditional hinged door that may impede access, you could install a pocket or sliding door for easy access in or out of the bathroom.

Some of these Disabled Accessible Bathroom renovations should be relatively easy to complete. Others may require more planning and possibly more complex work. To ensure that you make the right choices, you should contact an expert like Bathrooms Are Us. We have the expertise and the products to help you complete your vision.

When should I consider making these renovations?

With stylish, yet functional options available, you may want to consider making your bathrooms accessible regardless of absolute need. This “universal design” movement allows people to contemplate their futures. Perhaps an aged relative may come to stay or you may become incapacitated and have your own mobility limited. Or you may just enjoy the space, comfort, and convenience of a more open, easier-to-access bathroom. 

Bathrooms Are Us are experts in renovating for disabled access and universal design

Ensuring your bathrooms are accessible for everyone is a wonderful idea. Bathrooms Are Us wants to help you complete your Disabled Accessible Bathroom renovations using the most appropriate fixtures and the best design. We are familiar with the requirements for disabled-accessible bathrooms and can help you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with a small DIY project or want to contract out a full renovation, Bathrooms Are Us are here for you. Contact us today to find out more.