Mouldy Bathroom? Here’s why!

A common problem in any bathroom is unsightly (and sometimes harmful!) mould.
It doesn’t matter how old your bathroom is – if you’re not properly taking care of it – mould can occur.

I clean my bathroom regularly… why is there mould? 

 Ironically its actually commonly used cleaning products that cause mould. Harsh cleaning products such as Bam! and bleach can strip the silicon of its mould inhibiting properties. When combined with moisture build up mould occurs.
Gentle cleaning products, like white vinegar, should be used instead. Check out this PDF to see a full list of cleaning methods and products: Bathroom Cleaning Tips 110628o

Already have mould?

Store bought mould removers can actually exacerbate the problem.. or due to limited shelf life, have no effect whatsoever.

The only 100% guaranteed fix is to remove the current silicon and redo it.

When this is done make sure you use the high quality anit fungal/ anti mould silicon as it will help prevent future mould issues. Also throw out the harmful cleaners and use gentle home remedies instead (refer to PDF).
Design-wise your bathroom should be well ventilated. Try to avoid moisture build up (wipe down surfaces after use).