ADP – Summer Slim Wall Hung Vanity

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  • Cast marble European top
  • Available in full selection of ADP cabinet finishes
  • White metal-sided drawers with Smoov-Close
  • Soft-Close doors
  • Modern bevel-grip finger pull design
  • Available in a number of standard sizes
  • Also available as: Twin (wall hung), Trio (detachable kickboard) & All-Drawer

Sizes/Bowl Position

  • 900mm Centre (1 Door, 2 Drawers)
  • 900mm Offset (1 Door, 2 Drawers)
  • 1200mm Centre (2 Doors, 2 Drawers)
  • 1200mm Offset (2 Doors, 2 Drawers)
  • 1200mm Double (2 Doors, 2 Drawers)
  • 1500mm Offset (2 Doors, 2 Drawers)
  • 1500mm Double (2 Doors, 2 Drawers)


Cast Marble Vanity Top Information 
Cast Marble (Poly Marble) vanity tops are moulded using a heavy polymer resin mixed with a crushed marble. They are then coated with a durable gloss or matte gel coat. 

  • Consistent surface with minimal warping or imperfections
  • Durable
  • Easy to repair if scratched or chipped
  • Overflow available
  • Less susceptible to chipping than ceramic
  • 1 Taphole only
  • 7 Year Warranty

Additional information

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ADP Summer Size

1200mm Centre, 2 Doors, 2 LH Drawers, 1200mm Centre, 2 Doors, 2 RH Drawers, 1200mm Double, 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door, 1200mm Left Offset, 2 Doors, 2 Drawers, 1200mm Right Offset, 2 Doors, 2 Drawers, 1500mm Double, 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door, 1500mm Left Offset, 2 Door, 2 Drawers, 1500mm Right Offset, 2 Door, 2 Drawers, 900mm Centre, 1 Door, 2 LH Drawers, 900mm Centre, 1 Door, 2 RH Drawers, 900mm Left Offset, 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 900mm Right Offset, 1 Door, 2 Drawers

ADP Cabinet Finishes 2017

Antico Oak Ravin (Textured), Black Nuance (Textured), Black Polyurethane (Matte), Blackened Linewood Nuance (Textured), Chalky Teak Nuance (Textured), Chamois Nuance (Textured), Cherished Wood Riven (Textured), Cherry Riftwood Nuance (Textured), Concrete Formwood Riven (Textured), Distressed Wood (Textured), Domain Nuance (Textured), Elegant Oak Riven (Textured), Espresso Ligna Nuance (Textured), Gesso Lini (Satin), Gesso Lini (Silk), Natural Oak Ravine (Textured), Notaio Walnut Ravine (Textured), Parchment Nuance (Textured), Polar White (Silk), Prime Oak Riven (Textured), Rocco Lini (Satin), Rocco Lini (Silk), Rural Oak Riven (Textured), Seasoned Oak Riven (Textured), Smoke Elm (Textured), Sublime Teak Riven (Textured), Tawny Linewood Nuance (Textured), Truffle Lini (Satin), Truffle Lini (Silk), Washed Knotty Ash Riven (Textured), White Polyurethane (Gloss), White Polyurethane (Matte)