Ewing Flood Stop 15mm M&F 6 Ltr Flow Adaptor


Ewing Flood Stop Isolation Tap w/Auto Reset

Mixer taps only.

The Automatic Reset Function of the Flood Stop Isolation Tap makes this the perfect addition to any highrise apartment or house.

Flood Stop Flow Adaptor

For Toilets only

To eliminate any anomalies including air pockets in the plumbing system which may cause the Flood Stop valve to engage, the 6 litre per minute flow control disc housed in the 15mm Male / Female Flood Stop Flow Adaptor is the perfect companion to the TAS103 Flood Stop isolation tap, for use on toilet cisterns and basin body inlets.

Combining the TAS103 Flood Stop Isolation Tap with Automatic Reset Function with the TAS125 15mm Flood Stop Flow Adaptor is the ideal solution to a very large and expensive problem.

Purchase with; 

Safety Cap Off Valve CP: TAS101 OR
Flood Stop Isolation Tap w/Auto Reset: TAS103

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 50 mm

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