Thermonet Underfloor Heating



Thermonet 150W/m2Matting for Under Tile & Stone Floors

Full kit ready for installation

The Thermonet matting is available in a kit which includes all the items (except insulation) that you will require for installation of your underfloor heating.Kit items include:  Thermonet 150W/m² Mat, Programmable Thermostat (5220A), Floor Temperature Sensor, Sensor Conduit, Cable Monitor (6025) & Installation Guide & Warranty Form.

 You won’t see it, but you’ll feel it

Thermonet features 3.5mm TwistedTwin cable, self-adhesive mesh and our low-profile cold tail connection cable. These features make up what we call LayFlat Technology because this combination neutralises tension in the finished product and makes Thermonet easier to fit.

Safe, simple and reliable

Thermonet underfloor heating cables have a tough fluoropolymer coating on the outside and internal conductors, a continuous armoured earth sheath and multi-shrand twin conductors.

The conductors as twisted together to eliminate electromagnetic field (EMF) and neutralise the stress, expansion and contractions of the cable along the entire length; resulting in a more robust longer lasting cable.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We are so confident of the quality of our German-made Thermonet Underfloor Heating that we give each system a warranty that lasts a Lifetime with 3 year warranty on our Thermostats.

  • TwistedTwin cable construction

    The unique stress free cable construction creates a longer lasting heating cable with zero electromagnetic field (Zero EMF).

  • Full self adhesive mesh

    Thermonet is installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected from damage during installation by the hard wearing mesh layer.

  • Heating cable protection

    Thermonet is installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected from damage during installation by the hard wearing mesh layer.

  • Minimal height build-up

    Utilising innovative extrusion processes provides real ‘lay flat’ technology that makes installing Thermonet easy. The matting system is only 3.5mm thick with a low profile cold tail of only 4mm thick which is typically concealed within the tile adhesive layer.


    Installation Guide


    Technical Data

    Heated width
    Max. temperature*
    28°C *
    Protection Rating
    Lifetime on heating mat
    Conductor Type
    Single Ended
    Cold Tail Length
    * Regulated by floor sensing thermostat
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Size Mat 10 x 0.5 5.0m2 Output 750 W Resistance 71, Size Mat 12 x 0.5 Area 6.0m2 Output 900 W Resistance 59, Size Mat 14 x 0.5 m2 Output 1050 W Resistance 50, Size Mat 16 x 0.5 Area 8.0m2 Output 1200 W Resistance 44, Size Mat 18 x 0.5 Area 9.0m2 Output 1350 W Resistance 39, Size Mat 20 x 0.5 Area 10 m2 Output 1500 W Resistance 35, Size Mat 24 x 0.5 Area 12 m2 Output 1800W Resistance 29, Size Mat 28 x 0.5 Area 14m2 Output 2100 W Resistance 25, Size Mat 3.0 x 0.5 Area 1.5m2 Output 225 W Resistance 235, Size Mat 32 x 0.5 Area 16m2 Output 2400 W Resistance 22, Size Mat 4.0 x .05 Area 2.0 m2 Output 300 W Resistance 176, Size Mat 5.0 x 0.5 Area 2.5m2 Output 375 Resistance 141, Size Mat 6.0 x 0.5 Area 3.0 m2 Output 450 W Resistance 118, Size Mat 7.0 x 0.5 Area 3.5 m2 Output 525 W Resistance 101, Size Mat 8.0 x 0.5 Area 4.0m2 Output 600 W Resistance 88, Size Mat 9.0 x 0.5 Area 4.5 m2 Output 675 W Resistance 78, Size Matt 2.0 x 0.5 Area 1 m2 Output 150 W Resistance 353