Timberline: Dakota Wall Hung Vanity with 20mm stone top or Silk surface top with bowl



Dakota Wall Hung vanity 20mm Stone top or Silk Surface with basin


These Dakota vanities are nothing short of opulence. Since their release, a few short years ago, they have rocketed to one of Timberline’s bestselling designer vanities. They sport a solid surface top and ceramic undermount basin. The durable steel sided drawer runners include Blum full extension soft close drawer runners for that extra touch of luxury.

The Dakota is for when you really want to make an opulent statement as well as a long term investment. The solid surface top and ceramic under-mount basin go hand in hand with the practical and stylish cabinet. A gentle recessed shadow line just below the top gives the cabinet its designer edge.

Sizes & Drawings: 

  • 600mm (1 Door)
  • 750mm (2 Doors)
  • 900mm (1 Door, 2 Drawers)
  • 1050mm (1 Door, 2 Drawers)
  • 1200mm (1 Door, 2 Drawers)
  • 1500mm Single (1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door)
  • 1500mm Double (1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door)
  • 1800mm Single (1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door)
  • 1800mm Double (1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door)
  • 2100mm Single (2 Doors,2 Drawers,2 Doors)
  • 2100mm Double (2 Doors, 2 Drawers, 2 Doors)


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All Timberline vanities are custom made to order in Australia

Timberline Visualiser

Timberline Visualiser: http://timberlinebp.com.au/

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Timberline Marshall & Dakota Vanities

2100mm Double 2 Doors 2 Drawers 2 Doors, 2100mm Single 2 Doors 2 Drawers 2 Doors, 1050mm 1 Door, 2 LH Drawers, 1050mm 1 Door, 2 RH Drawers, 1200mm 1 Door, 2 LH Drawers, 1200mm 1 Door, 2 RH Drawers, 1500mm Double 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door, 1500mm Single 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door, 1800mm Double 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door, 1800mm Single 1 Door, 2 Drawers, 1 Door, 600mm 1 Door, 750mm 2 Doors, 900mm 1 Door, 2 LH Drawers, 900mm 1 Door, 2 RH Drawers

Timberline Cabinet Colour

Classic Oak Texture, Dark Grey Satin (Two Pack Painted), Duck Egg Blue Satin ( Two Pack Painted), Emerald Green Satin (Two Pack Painted), Light Grey Satin(Two Pack Painted), Navy Blue Satin (Two Pack Painted), Oxdised Beamwood Texture, Pastel Pink Satin (Two Pack Painted), Perugian Walnut Woodmatt, White Painted Wood Texture, Angora Oak Woodmatt, Antico Oak Woodmatt, Artisan Beamwood Texture, Black Satin (Two Pack Painted), Blackened Linewood Texture, Chalky Teak Texture, Charred Oak Texture, Concrete Formwood Texture, Distressed Wood Ravine, Elegant Oak Texture, Estella Oak Woodmatt, Fox Teakwood Texture, Idyllic Texture, Lustrous Elm Matt, Milano Walnut Texture, Notaio Walnut Woodmatt, Prime Oak Woodmatt, Rural Oak Texture, Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt, White Gloss (Two Pack Painted), White Satin (Two Pack Painted)

Timberline Cabinet Handles

Arch 244mm – Black, Arch 244mm – Brushed Nickel, Arch 244mm – Chrome, Arch 244mm-Satin Gold, Arch 340mm – Black, Arch 340mm – Brushed Nickel, Arch 340mm – Chrome, Arch 340mm – Satin Gold, Curve 198mm – Black, Curve 198mm – Brushed Nickel, Curve 198mm – Chrome, Curve 198mm-Satin Gold, Curve 359mm – Black, Curve 359mm – Brushed Nickel, Curve 359mm – Chrome, Curve 359mm – Satin Gold, D Handle 138mm – Black, D Handle 138mm – Brushed Nickel, D Handle 138mm – Chrome, D Handle 138mm Satin Gold, D Handle 230mm – Black, D Handle 230mm – Brushed Nickel, D Handle 230mm – Chrome, D Handle 230mm Satin Gold, D Handle 361mm – Black, D Handle 361mm – Brushed Nickel, D Handle 361mm – Chrome, D Handle 361mm Satin Gold, D Handle 457mm – Black, D Handle 457mm – Brushed Nickel, D Handle 457mm – Chrome, D Handle 457mm Satin Gold, FINGERPULL, Flat Knob Black, Flat Knob Brushed Nickel, Flat Knob Satin Gold, Leather Pull Chrome, Leather Pull Satin Gold, Ova Handle 100mm Black, Ova Handle 100mm Brushed Gold, Ova Handle 100mm Brushed Nickel, Ova Handle 200mm Black, Ova Handle 200mm Brushed Gold, Ova Handle 200mm Brushed Nickel, Ova Handle 350mm Black, Ova Handle 350mm Brushed Gold, Ova Handle 350mm Brushed Nickel, Retro – Black, Retro – Brushed, Retro – Chrome, Retro Handle Satin Gold, Retro- Pewter, Round Knob – Black, Round Knob – Brushed, Round Knob – Chrome, Round Knob Satin Gold, Solid Lip Handle 178mm Brushed Nickel, Solid Lip Handle 178mm Satin Gold, Solid Lip Handle 50mm Brushed Nickel, Solid Lip Handle 50mm Satin Gold, Square 224mm – Black, Square 224mm – Brushed, Square 224mm – Chrome, Square 224mm Satin Gold, Square 352mm – Black, Square 352mm – Brushed, Square 352mm – Chrome, Square 352mm Satin Gold

Timberline Silk Surface or Caesarstone Stone Top extra cost

Caesarstone 20mm Alpine Mist, Caesarstone 20mm Cloudburst Concrete, Caesarstone 20mm Frosty Carrina, Caesarstone 20mm Frozen Terra, Caesarstone 20mm Noble Grey, Caesarstone 20mm Osprey, Caesarstone 20mm Pure White, Caesarstone 20mm Raw Concrete, Caesarstone 20mm Topus Concrete, Caesarstone 20mm White Attica, Silk Surface 20mm Artic White, Silk Surface 20mm Bianco Pearl, Silk Surface 20mm Calcutta Snow, Silk Surface 20mm Canvas Mist, Silk Surface 20mm Carrara, Silk Surface 20mm Smokey Mountain, Silk Surface 20mm Star Dust, Silk Surface 20mm Tuscany Mocha, Silk Surface 20mm White Crystal Boulder, Silk Surface 20mm Winter Boulder

Timberline White Gloss Above counter Basins

Rose White Gloss, Modex Inset White Gloss, Radius Inset White Gloss, Rome inset basin, Allure Undermount, Mini Rectangle Undermount, Oval Undermount, Allure Gloss White, Allure Raked Textured Finish White Gloss, Bloom White Gloss, Diamond Pattern Finish White Gloss, Elite White Gloss, Enchant White Gloss, Feather White Gloss, Florent White gloss, Gem White Gloss, Iconic 420 Gloss White, Iconic 500 Gloss White, Jupiter Gloss White, Myrtle White Gloss, Quill White Gloss, Oval undermount 420 x 340 overflow to front, Rectangle Undermount 530 x 340 White Gloss

Tap Holes

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