Timberline: Nevada Plus CLASSIC with Ceramic/Acrylic Top floor standing





The Nevada Plus Classic brings you affordable period styling. With an elegant routed panel in the doors and drawers, it allows you to affordably dress up your bathroom. Chose from any of the painted timberline colours


  • 600mm Single 2 Drawers-Alpha Ceramic Top
  • 750mm Single, 2 Drawers – Alpha Ceramic Top
  • 900mm Single, 2 Drawers – Alpha Ceramic Top
  • 1200mm Single, 2 Drawers – Alpha Ceramic Top
  • 1500mm Single, 4 Drawers – Alpha Ceramic Top
  • 1500mm Double, 4 Drawers – Alpha Ceramic Top
  • 1800mm Single, 4 Drawers – Regal Acrylic Top
  • 1800mm Double, 4 Drawers – Regal Acrylic Top

Width: 460mm & Height: 850

Waste Size: Regal Acrylic 40mm & Ceramic 32mm

Timberline Gold Collection cabinets come with a 10 year warranty. They are a classic white cabinet. The draw runners & sides are European Blum Tandembox drawer with full extension runners and integrate BLUMOTION soft-close. The top drawer (if applicable) comes with Bamboo finger jointed storage trays.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Cabinet Size

1200mm, 1500mm Double Bowl, 1500mm Single, 1800mm Double, 1800mm Single, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm

Timberline Cabinet Colour

Black Satin (Two Pack Painted), White Gloss (Two Pack Painted), White Satin (Two Pack Painted)

Timberline Cabinet Handles

Arch 244mm – Black, Arch 244mm – Brushed, Arch 244mm – Chrome, Arch 244mm – White, Arch 340mm – Black, Arch 340mm – Brushed, Arch 340mm – Chrome, Arch 340mm – White, Curve 198mm – Black, Curve 198mm – Brushed, Curve 198mm – Chrome, Curve 198mm – White, Curve 359mm – Black, Curve 359mm – Brushed, Curve 359mm – Chrome, Curve 359mm – White, D Handle 138mm – Black, D Handle 138mm – Brushed, D Handle 138mm – Chrome, D Handle 138mm – White, D Handle 230mm – Black, D Handle 230mm – Brushed, D Handle 230mm – Chrome, D Handle 230mm – White, D Handle 361mm – Black, D Handle 361mm – Brushed, D Handle 361mm – Chrome, D Handle 361mm – White, D Handle 457mm – Black, D Handle 457mm – Brushed, D Handle 457mm – Chrome, D Handle 457mm – White, Fingerpull, Retro – Black, Retro – Brushed, Retro – Chrome, Retro – White, Round Knob – Black, Round Knob – Brushed, Round Knob – Chrome, Round Knob – White, Square 224mm – Black, Square 224mm – Brushed, Square 224mm – Chrome, Square 224mm – White, Square 352mm – Black, Square 352mm – Brushed, Square 352mm – Chrome, Square 352mm – White

Timberline Tops

Alpha Ceramic Top 1 Tap Hole (Extra charge for 3 Tap Hole), Regal Acrylic 1 Tap Hole (Extra Charge for 0 or 3 Tap holes)